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Print, Digital, & Broadcast PR.

Maximize Your Reach Through Strategic Storytelling

Hyper-focused on earned media.

Westphall PR acts as the bridge between our clients’ stories and key media. We prioritize earned media, and we are dialed into it 100%. Earned media. 

Hyper-focused on client service.

From detailed media prep, media training and onsite support for earned media engagements, Westphall PR offers a white glove level approach when it comes to service. Developing meaningful connections with the brand, mission and our clients is paramount.







Unparalleled expertise delivering exceptional results

There are no cookie cutter recipes for how this looks across the board. Through collaboration and expert guidance, Westphall PR designs a PR strategy aligned with your unique set of goals and desired outcomes. Ultimately, telling your story and conveying the spirit or mission of the brand to the media.

About Westphall PR

Westphall PR is a boutique firm, highly focused on earned media connection. Changing the lens on the approach, Westphall PR focuses on storytelling and thinking like a news producer. To sum it up in one sentence: Westphall PR aligns its clients’ stories with the city’s most esteemed news journalists through meaningful and impactful story pitching. At the end of the day, the goal is to create as much high quality earned media buzz that sheds a light on the mission or client brand.


Westphall PR was founded July 2016 and has worked with clients on everything from a hyper-local level, as well as introducing inaugural events to large cities. Some of the most recent earned media efforts include PR for Philly Bike Ride, DC Bike Ride, Reunion Tower’s Over the Top NYE 2023 (and past 7 years) and has a strong focus on mission-driven clients. 


The firm specializes in D-FW earned media efforts, event PR and nonprofit clients. That being said, the firm has a wide breadth of experience with its client roster and media connectivity across the country.


The latest media buzz!

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